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Repair information for the Huawei Ascend G7 smartphone. Released in 2014. Model numbers: G7-L01, G7-L03, G7-L11, G7-UL20.

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Huawei ascend g7 not charging properly

I plugged in my phone to charge it and walked away, when I came back I noticed it didnt charge at all. I thought it might be the charger so I used another one but still no good. I fiddled with the charger and it worked but I couldnt move the phone. Any ideas?

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Maybe it is a flex cable issue, try a new flex cable to have a try.


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The charging port is damaged.

Try cleaning out the charging port to see if there's any lint stuck not allowing the cable to connect fully.

If that doesn't work you will need a new charging port.

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my phone wont charge now


change the charging port


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how to fix the huawei g7-l01 red light charging problem

Update (04/03/2016)

remove the battery from the mobile and replace full charge battery and turn on the mobile and update from the sd card or from huawei sut the problem fix the phone while charging normally

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I can't charge my Huawei G7-L11 but when I shut it off and charge it again it work but charging process takes too long 24h charge and it's just 50% sht it's terrible can someone tell what's the problem?


and me to ma 4n have the same probleam


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