Lift issue after Dig. replacement- I need expert advice

This question is for those familiar with the S5 specifically.

Ive repaired many a mobile device, and this one is a conundrum.

If you know the S5, you know it has a delicate lcd.

Ive done 10-15, but this one is problematic, and its MINE!

On advice of a certain "expert" here @ ifix, i changed my adhesive to Etech's "Red Tape" 1/2mm.Not impressed.

The bottom line is, i need a method for getting more adhesive under the glass WITHOUT taking out the digitizer again.

Im on my 3rd $140 oem dig. replacement & cant afford to break the gentle lcd on this again,and its already close to breaking now.

The sides of this glass are adhered down perfect,but here you can see (BOTTOM PIC) the top and more worrysome, the bottom have lift.

The phone *works, but since the bottom has lift, its giving me annoying home/touch button issues.


How can i get some adhesive under the glass to hold this bottom glass down? Anyone have any tricks?'''

Ive got all sorts of adhesives and glues.

Helps guys.Please.

Block Image

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