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L'Apple iPhone 5s è stato presentato il 10 settembre 2013. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è simile a quella dei modelli precedenti e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. Disponibile nelle versioni GSM o CDMA con capacità di 16 , 32 o 64 GB nei colori Argento, Oro e Grigio Siderale.

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What shall I do for this problem?

i just dropped the phone .. and it just turned off ??? it only give a response with the charger ??? but it doesn't charge ?? check the video :/!boMF2QZD!0_KK39WuK6...

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Hello Friend.

Opens the iPhone, and disconnects the battery, possibly with the fall, he puffed, and this failing.

Disconnect the battery, and try to turn on iPhone, connected to the charger.

I think this will make him turn on, if so, have to change the battery.

here you have to guide

Come sostituire la batteria dell'iPhone 5s

to test, you do not need to take off the battery, just disconnect it.

Good job!

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Here is how you can start your iPhone without power button:

Attach your iPhone to USB cable.

Using the cord, plug your iPhone into computer or any other charging device

It will take few minutes for your iPhone to get switched on. Once, it happens, you will see screen lights with “slide bar” option

Swipe this option to unlock your iPhone.

above steps worked you will have to replace power button as it damaged due to drop,

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Have u watched the video ??? It doesn't do any thing upon connecting the charger ???


you should start to troubleshoot from your power switch. here is the teardown guide

Smontaggio iPhone 5s


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