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HDMI Ports Suddenly Not Working

Verizon Fios Cable box signal still works fine on TV. The trouble is with the HDMI ports. We have an Apple TV, Sony BluRay, and LG DVD/surround sound unit each plugged in to the HDMI ports. None of them work, except for the Apple TV, but that signal shows with "snow" running over it. For the others, a "no signal" message appears on the screen when you select their input. I should note that each of these devices has been plugged into these ports for two-four years without trouble.

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LG Tvs are known for having issues with their HDMI inputs. If after performing a hard reset on the TV and replacing the HDMI cables, you still have this issue, I suggest to replace your LG TV Main Board

In order to order the right part, please get your TV model code from the back of your TV. It will help you to receive the right part.

-Mike W

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A common problem w LG:s HDMI switching IC.

Follow the circuit lines from HDMI ports and heat that IC with a heatgun. First time it worked for three months, second time only one week…

Have to replace that IC or main board some day.

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