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Si tratta della 6° replica di Iphone Apple, annunciata il 12 Settembre, 2012. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è del tutto simile a quella delle precedenti versioni di Iphone e richiede l'impiego di cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. È disponbile con tecnologia GSM o CDMA, con 16,32, o 64 Gb di memoria, nei colori nero o bianco

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Need tp replace power connector poor on my iPhone?

my charger port seems loose and now won't charge, do i need to replace the whole casing?

thank you

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Hi ronan,

You just need to replace the charging dock also known as the "lightning connector and headphones jack assembly."

Here's the guide that shows you how to do it, together with the links to the needed parts and tools.

A few tips:

- Don't remove the battery although the guide tells you to. You don't really need to.

- Don't probe at any time between the board and the battery (actually, this is why you shouldn't remove the battery, to avoid that part) because there are easily damageable tiny components "west" of the SIM try that are easily breakable. Damaging them will turn this otherwise easy repair into a nightmare.

- When removing the 2 "interconnect cables," remove them from next to the screen connectors ("north" side) and leave them connected below if possible. You don't need to fully remove them, just to reach the screw underneath. "South" next to the battery connector, they are connected to the board next to a brittle glass "IC" or chip that if damaged in any way will render your iPhone useless and practically unrepairable. If you happen to remove those cable, be very careful not to use any metal tools around that area, and be extra extra gentle when re-seating the cables.

- Screw-drivers are for screws. Whatever happens, don't use them on the board except to remove screws. For everything else use a plastic tool of some kind. Heck, a credit card or guitar pick will do.

- Finally, did you try a new cable before deciding that the charging dock needs replacing? And if your phone is not charging, or charging very slow and discharging very quick, it could be due to other issues. Replacing that part may not be the solution...

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