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Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles from 1986 to Present.

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How do I change my starter?

how can i change my starter for a 07' sportster

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How to change a starter on a 1999 sportster


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It won't be fun.

1. remove battery

2. remove primary cover (leftfoot peg probably needs to come off to do this)

3. remove rear exhaust pipe

4. remove (you might get away with just loosening this) the drivebelt front sprocket cover (right footpeg and front muffler might interfere)

5. remove starter wiring

6. remove starter bolts

7. remove starter

reverse procedure to install

In addition to the starter itself, you'll want to have gaskets for the following:

- rear exhaust port

- exhaust crossover tube

- primary cover set

and oil to refill the primary chain case

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How do you change starter in 86 harley sportster 883

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I think that is first year evo, so it should be similar to above.


Ok thanks it's alot of work to remove the starter


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