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Eighth generation of the Mazda Protege.

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I think my car is losing power to 1 cylinder.

'99 Mazda 323 Protege.

Manual, fuel-injected, 4cyl.

Engine code: CE04D16

ok so just recently started having troubles with the car. It ran fine then all of a sudden I lost what felt like 15-25% power, and the engine felt like it was shaking a little.

When revving, then engine would shudder. Idle rev went from just over 1000 to around 500. there was very little pickup when increasing speed. I can only assume it lost a cylinder. Now for the last couple days it has been jumping backwards and forwards, from regular to slow.

What is the problem, can I fix this myself, or do I need to take it to a mechanic?

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Hie,got the same problem,have got a Mazda familia Zl01 ....its loosing power while accelarating ,tried changing fuel pumps but no change,a pop sound will come out the exhaust ,pliz help


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Peter Bolton, I would at least try to visit places like Autozone which offer a free scan of the OBD. See what error codes it will show. Your symptoms sounds like an ignition issue, but you can not rule out severe engine damage. It is possible that you have a bad coil pack or bad plugs. Remove your plugs and see what the faces look like. Check for sparks on the plugs.

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This might be an EGR valve. The EGR is responsible an emissions control part located behind the intake in line to the engine. You can take it out and soak it in carb or fuel injector cleaner then scrub the muck out with an old tooth brush. Wear gloves when you do this as the chemicals and the carbon buildup have been known to be carcinogenic. After reassembling, if there is still a loss of power, check your spark plugs and replace them. If that still doesn't work you may need O2 sensors somewhere, or coilovers (which are the wires that connect from the alternator to the spark plugs.) If any of these are bad, then a piston could lose combustion. Also pour two or three bottles of good quality fuel injector cleaner into your gas tank when you are low on gas and run the engine. This will clean out any carbon buildup in the entire fuel system. Autozone will be able to give you the codes though and you can google them, but from all the symptoms, it is my guess that your EGR valve is gunked up. Good luck buddy!

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