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Una Passat completamente nuova, basata sulla piattaforma Volkswagen Group B5, venne lanciata nel 1998 in Nord America.

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How to change the oil on an automatic tramission

How to change the oil on a 1.9TDI automatic tramission.

including how much oil i need and how to change the oil filter.

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Ok this designed for dealer only because Renault are greedy rip off merchants ,get a container once you have the fluid up to temp 60deg run the engine in neutral put the container under the gearbox plug and undo it fluid should start to run out slowly if it does not it needs fluid ,the fill plug is by the selector link unit on top of the box only pour the fluid in until it starts to come out the level plug when it does put the plug back in .

Your not finished yet because the gearbox has a counter that needs to be reset according to how much fluid you put in you need either transmission shop to do that or a Renault dealer ,

Hope it helps !


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Go onto YouTube and check it out !

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Don't know why they put the reply here on the vw page but any auto box that does not have a dip stick has a level plug so the proceedure is the same as the Renault except I don't think vw does not have to have a counter reset like Renaults do !


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1.9 what ? I'm guessing its a Renault /Peugeot as with a lot of automatics cars now days there is no dip stick they want you to take it to the dealers ,but a lot of these vehicles have a level plug this is fitted with a tube inside that sets the level you need to get the fluid up to temperature first put it in neutral and hand brake on with the engine running undo the the level plug if a small amount of fluid runs out and starts to trickle slowly down its up to level ,if none comes out you need pour some in until it starts to trickle out .

The engine has to be running when you do this because it is pumping the fluid around the system if you do this without the engine running the level will be short ,

If you over fill the unit it will cause frothing and damage the the unit causing air in the fluid and static gear changes ,

I hope this helps !

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