I want to increase the game pad range.

I know I'm not the first person to face this possible dilemma as first-world as it may be. I want to increase the range of the Wii U game pad. I've got the counsel in the best possible location I can get it. I live in a ranch house, so, walls are, well, walls. After all the reading, I could find. It would seem the only option is to go a bit, rogue and consider bringing the antenna wire outside the counsel box. Now, after all this, my question is:

Does anyone know the type of antenna wire used in the unit?

I'm thinking of trying to swap it out for a longer cable which I could position in a more optimal point on the wall to increase line of sight. I'd prefer, if possible, to have it on hand before I disassemble the counsel so I minimize the amount I've to do that.


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