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The Nokia N8 is the first device to run on the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and Nokia's flagship device of 2010.

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My Nokia N8 keeps on switching off

My nokia n8 keeps on switching off, as soon as I switch it on. It was last switched on approx. 3 years ago, so guys please help.

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The Battery may be bad after 3 years of non use, replace it and try again.

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The batery may be bad, yes, however i had a LG L15G Sunrise thatbegan this behaveyour. It flashed a message about a system sui or whatever befor flashing. The phone is now in my bone yard. I reserched this. To prevent rooting on some devices there was a file left out that suported this system file. Because it was unsuported the file crashed taking the house of cards. Now it wont power or charg and the batery is fryed from the crash. All this in 2 weeks! ha ha ha. I got a it fixed under warenty had it working 4 hours and same thing. Ha ha ha what junk and a waste of $98.96. So in all i think your device is following the legons to the bone yard. Enjoy a new device.

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