820-2532 suspected dead MCP

820-2532 no water damage, excellent physical condition

PPBUS_G3H - present

PP3V42_G3H - present

PP3V3_S5 - present

PP5V_S3 - missing

PP3V3_S3 - missing

PP3V3_S0 - missing

P5VS3_EN - missing

P3V3S3_EN - missing

PM_SLP_S4_L - missing /no signal measured with oscilloscope/

RTC_CLK32K_XTALOUT - present 32kHz

PP5V_S3 comes on when Q7210 is removed - a clear sign that P5VS3_EN is missing

I assume MCP is dead

It's a training/parts board, if MCP is bad I'll not bother fixing it

Any opinions?

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