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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Hardware battery indicator button is lame

Hi guys,

Great work you are doing with the website! Always great fun to watch the new teardowns :)

Question: I don´t see any spare parts for the hardware piece of the battery indicator, with those green leds? Can you provide one, or tell me where to find it?



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I found out why my battery led indicators were malfunctioning. The button on the outside to activate the led indicators comes back out after pushing because of a circular piece of black foam. In my MacBook, this foam was worn out. I replaced it with pieces of new foam that I cut from an adhesive band with foam (that one uses to diminish draft through windows). Quite a hassle, but the indicators work fine again. If you need directions let me know.

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Hi Micheil...

If you have directions, I'd sure appreciate getting them. I'm having the same problem on my own Aluminum Macbook, and I'd like to try the repadding technique before going to the trouble of replacing the LED/button module.

Ideally, if you could take photos of the process and post it as a Step-by-step guide, then everyone gets the benefit of your ingenuity!


hi adlerpe, you probalby found a solution already, sorry for not responding.. The foam is attached to the upper case (with the keys on it). Replacing it with a new one is not possible, unless you switch the entire upper case (pretty expensive!). Try to pry out the old foam, cut a new piece with some scissors (including the hole in the middle). It should work.

I did not find any trouble with the battery itself, so it is just the indicator leds that are confused. If you dont mind that, better leave it that way and save yourself the work!


+1 for a replacement guide


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Check bay, that's where I had to buy mine. It was around $30 shipped. Just make sure it's for your model, as mine is for the 2008 15" mbp. Couldn't find it on here or anywhere but eBay.

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