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D/C Jack Power Port Not Charging

I have been having problems with my laptop for several years not, however, it is still hanging in there, but causes my many headaches and lost work. My power port isn't responding, and I think it needs to be replaced. How difficult is that for someone who had never done anything like this? I found s part on eBay for $24.

Is there a guide for this? I looked, but I didn't see anything for a d/c jack.

I have asked several people in repair places if it can be fixed and I just a $250 price range, with many telling me they will sale me a used computer. I simply can not afford a $1000 computer right now.

I am a graduate student, and I was really hoping it get one more year out of my computer while I am in school. I will be having a thesis show of my artwork and would like to save all extra money I have on my framing and artwork if I can.

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Here is the needed guide for this series system: MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Left I/O Board Replacement.

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That looks quite labor intensive. I can see why the service would be $250 and the part as will. Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, I fear I do not have the skills for something so in depth as this.


This systems days were already numbered, even if you fixed this you would likely hit a more expensive repair. I just gave my old A1226 it's last rights with a tear running down my face as I've had it for quite some time.


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