Speaker working, Mic not. Left button light out. Repair debacle Solved

Just went to mexico and my wife's at&t S5 apparently got wet (though its waterproof lol) and mic stopped working, though speakerphone works. So noone can hear me when calling them except speaker.

Also the left button button light doesnt light up anymore but works.

Bottom line. its still under warranty with Samsung, I just sent it back and their customer service sucks now, as compared to even 3 years ago.

The mic is the only thing broken.

But they want to replace the LCD (though the LCD it works like new-not broke) because replacing the LCD will return it to warranty condition.

They want $185 plus ship total.

Since they LCD is NOT broken,and i am very proficient in cell repair, i simply ordered the part for $10 off ebay,and i am hoping this will repair it back to whats needed.

This below is the part that obviously needs replacing.

"Charging Port Dock USB Connector Flex Cable for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A"

Got the part on ebay for $10 here ebay link to part

This SHOULD solve the mic and left button not lighting up, as all those parts are included..

If you know otherwise let me know.

Even so, $10 isnt much to risk.

The phone is on its way back from Sammy right now, with no repairs done..

They actually tried to DOWN-sell me saying, "so if you cant afford the 185,what CAN you afford" Really? they want to profit off of a simple repair of a long time customer? 10 Samsung phones in household 3 lcds blu rays, washer n dryer..

i mean, you wanna profit off something so essential to me? Samsung is finally changing for the worse... I knew it would eventually come to an end.. bummer.

Will update with guide and possible video when done.i can also be reached at dovedecent7@yahoo.com

going to use this youtube vid to at least get at the part @ 4:00 minute mark FYI


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