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A standard definition hard disk drive camcorder in Sony's DCR series released spring 2007. Features a 30 gb hard drive, 40x optical zoom, and 2000x digital zoom.

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Why won't my camcorder turn on?

My device won't power up even though the switch is in the "on" position.

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There might be two reasons for this issue. Initially, the battery might be dead. In which case, you must replace it with a new one or charge it up in order to resume using the device. Secondly, the hard drive might be broken. This is a more serious issue and it requires the hard drive to be replaced with a new one.

For more information refer to Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 Troubleshooting Guide

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My Camcorder is Sony video recorder TRV99E analogue type. There is no Hard Drive. The battery is not charging. It is completely dead. It has worked for nearly 16 yrs well. I am not sure whether there is some component failure due to aging.


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