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The HP Envy dv7 is a Windows 8 laptop that sports a 17.3-inch screen.

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Why won't my laptop charge?

My HP ENVY dv7 won't charge. I have taken out the battery, used multiple wall sockets, used two different cords and it will not charge. What should I do?

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Does it turn on when connected to power cord without the battery?

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If it does it sounds like a defective battery and seeing as your laptop is relatively new it may still be under warranty.


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I also found out what the solution is!

On the mainboard (near the power connector) is a TI chip (Texas Instruments), identified as BQ 24740. (Texas Intruments part # BQ24740)

This is the battery loader and power control chip.

It is easily destroyed by a weak and flimsy external power supply, like what is delivered with HP products.

The DE-soldering and soldering is tricky, because it is a QFN package, and very small.

It solved my problem for just $ 8for the chip and $60 for a local shop to install

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