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Repair guides and support for your LG TV.

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Tv is not powering up


My tv model is 42LW5400

When i press power button on remote i hear a sound from back and red light blink slowly ,

when i press buttton again it stays red.

Idont know if it is power supply problem or main board

but i think the sound comes from power supply.

if anyone can help me please di it.

Thank You !


Thank you for your answer.

I tested power supply and i found a problem

The first pin is 3.4v it reads power-on 24v

is normal the tick sound in the selected part? it does when i turn on or off tv.

And how can i fix this voltage problem?


Block Image


The power supply is ok i think is board problem ,

when i see closer i hear a sound like electric sound in part 1 or 2 im not sure.

Is any way to repair the board?

Block Image

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It will be difficult to find the right tuner. You may need to replace the board.


can you help me to find a compatible board or is posible to to change with a smart tv board?

Thank you !


Stick with the original board. Looks like part number EAX64290501(0)


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Serafin, to really make that determination, you would have to check the voltage output of the Power board. If those are within normal range, then the error is most likely the main board. From what you are describing, I'd start with the power board.


Pin 1 Power on

Pin 2 20V (24V)

Pin 3 20V (24V)

Pin 4 20V (24V)

Pin 5 Ground

Pin 6 Ground

Pin 7 Ground

Pin 8 Ground

Pin 9 3.5V

Pin 10 3.5V

Pin 11 3.5V

Pin 12 3.5V

Pin 13 Ground

Pin 14 Ground

Pin 15 Ground

Pin 16 N.C.

Pin 17 12V

Pin 18 Inverter on/off

Pin 19 12V

Pin 20 Lamp: A-dim LEC: N.C.

Pin 21 12V

Pin 22 PWM Dim #1

Pin 23 N.C. or for the Lamp scanning Model: PWM Dim #2

Pin 24 Error out

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I have heard that kind of problem with led blinking should be the eeprom.

Should i reprogram the eeprom?

Chip is 24c08

Thanks in advance!


Serafin if after 2 1/2 years you still have not had a chance to fix it, I'd give it a try with reprogramming the EEPROM ;-)


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The clicking noise you heard from the power supply board is the sound of relay which provide the mains voltage to the bridge rectifier input legs to produce DC supply to all the MOSFETs components in the board. Now since you can get 3.4volts from power on terminal instead of 24volts this confirmed to me that the power supply board is ok and that there is a feedback from the motherboard which make the relay to allow supply to the bridge rectifier in the PSU. However, there is a problems in the regulator section of the motherboard. You may have to replace the board. There is no problem with your cristal, the problem is from one of the small micro ic ship just around the input cable to the motherboard. I don't think you have what it take to replace the ic hence my suggestion that you should rather replace the motherboard. Please kindly let us know if the problem is eventually solved. My best regards sir.

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Hi, I have the clicking noise. it's the relay on the PSU. I have testes it, it works (when power on is High (3.5v), I have the 24V, 12V. Which problem do you think it would be on the motherboard regulation section ?




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