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MacBook Pro will not boot up

I have MacBook Pro, 2.4 2gb ram and bootcamp is not installed. I put it to sleep last night having been listening to some tunes on itunes.

Today when I tried to start the MacBook Pro this is what happened.

1) the light on the front of the MacBook Pro glows faintly (constant)

2) the fan spins

The MacBook Pro does not get past these 2 stages, it does not start up, the screen stays black, the keyboard does not respond, however the processors do get warm when it is left in this state for a period of 5 minutes or more.

I have tried the follwing,

1) held down the power button until it beeps - it didn't beep

2) reset the pram - nothing happened

3) tried starting in safe mode - nothing happened

4) tried holding down the mouse button upon starting - nothing happened

5) held down cmd option and the other one before starting - nothing

6) Change the rams places

It seems like the keyboard is not responsive, the caps lock and num lock lights are not working. No power is coming out of the usb ports, when I try to start the mbp I plugged my iPod in and it didn't charge.

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I just tested on my a1226 MacBook Pro. There isn't any power to the USB and keyboard (at least the caps lock light) before the grey apple is on the screen. So that probably explains the missing light and no response from the iPod.

Have you tried booting your machine from the install DVD?

You do that by insterting the install DVD and holding down the C butting while booting.


While in the boot DVD check that your HDD shows.

If it do, run the apple hardware tool in the DVD.

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i have never being here but i think you guys are great. john


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Do you hear the apple chime when you power on the MacBook Pro? Does it go the white screen and THEN go black? Anyways, try resetting your smc, this is your system management controller.

Here's how you do it.

1) shut down the computer completely by holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds. You *should* hear a beep, and the hard drive spin down, but don't worry if you don't.

2) unplug the power cable

3) take the battery out of the computer

4) hold the power button down for 5-10 seconds

5) put the battery back in

6) plug the power adapter back into the computer

7) turn the computer on

Let us know if this works.

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I did it before and all other functions opt+ctrl+r+p or opt+ctrl+shift+power etc and nothing happened!


Ok, well if you've tried again and it still doesn't work, my next guess is you have the bad NVIDIA video card failure. Thankfully, you should be able to get your logic board replaced as per lawsuit against NVIDIA. Check this for information.

You may also consider it *could* be a loose cable, either video or sleep/ir cable maybe. My moneys on the NVIDIA failure though. My Santa Rosa MBP had the same exact issue, and it was the NVIDIA. Made sure before taking to Apple by remote I to the computer to verify the "GMX3100" error.


Here is the link to that document.

MacBook Pro Distorted or No Video issue


ok,thanks but how can I make sure that what is the problem? I mean how can I check it by remote? I don understand that part!!


If you have screen sharing on, you can try requesting to screenshare with the computer using os x built in screenshare. Sorry I do not have time to map all that out for you, do just a few minutes research on screen sharing on mac. There's too many little configuration possibilities to address in this comment. Its also possible to screen share through iChat or Skype, but this will depend on your settings on that computer. *IF you can remote into the computer this way, you can go to system profiler (go to "about this mac" in the top left in menubar, then click on more info. Look for the video cards information, if it says there is a GMX3100, that's the error. You should then be able to get that replaced free as per the recall.


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my macbook pro is having same issue word for word... please help , bought it used and dont know ho much money to get fixxed

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Did you ever get your Macbook Pro running?

If not please be specific about what you have tried.

1) The keyboard not being recognized upon start up could be one of a few issues. It could be the top case, the keyboard itself, bad ribbons, connections, or it could be a logic board issue.

2) Addressing the the fact that the USB ports don't even so much as provide power to and external, ipod, or phone... it is likely that the Logic Board is bad.

Now this could be that just the USB solder joints have gone bad or more. given that you are experiencing both USB and keyboard issues...a logic board issue is looking very likely to be the main issue.


Now the screen not lighting up could also be a one of a few different things.

The same issue with the logic board, but this being with the GPU. This is NOT a DIY project for just the every day Mac hobbyist.

Or it could be (all be it less likely) that it's a software issue. If this is the case, given that you have no USB or display on your screen... you can attempt to boot from the OSX Leopard Recovery Disc.

-- You will do that by inserting the disc and hold 'C' while powering up the device. * The 'C' key should be pressed before hearing the chime.

If the disc does not solve your issue, you will likely need to replace the logic board. Whether you buy one or send yours in for repair... you are looking at a minimum of $150 for the logic board issues.


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