Why is damaged mic causing playback issues?

About 3 weeks ago I dropped my iPod touch in water on accident for about 3 seconds before quickly grabbing it out. I quickly dried it off with a towel. At first glance, everything was working properly. The display was fine and it still responded to my touches. However, upon testing, the internal speaker was not working. I tried to use headphones to no success (in fact, for the rest of the night when I adjusted the volume, it said headphones instead of volume, even when the headphones were disconnected). However, it did work when I used my bluetooth speaker. The next morning, I decided to put the iPod in some rice for the day. About 12 hours later I took it out and headphones were working. Also my mic was responding. However, the internal speaker still didn't work. I just decided to go along with it and began using my iPod as normal, just with headphones or an external speaker.

To my surprise, about a week after the iPod had been damaged, the mic suddenly became less responsive and stopped working entirely. One day it worked, the next morning it didn't. I put it in rice again to no avail. I just tried to move on like nothing happened.

However, a problem has occurred: I just recently downloaded some music from iTunes and tried to play it in the Music App on my iPod. It won't allow me to and just skips through all of the songs I own without actually playing anything. All other apps play audio (through headphones and external speaker), but the Music App refuses to let me play anything. I fear this is somehow related to the damaged mic, as this also has prevented me from viewing videos via Instagram but not Youtube.

My final question: Why would a broken mic prevent music playback in some apps but not others and is there a way to solve this issue without 1) Opening my iPod or 2) Getting it repaired by Apple.


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