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Modello A1502 con processore Intel dual core da 2,4, 2,6 o 2,8 GHz. Sul mercato dall'ottobre 2013.

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Logicboard as desktop using LVDS / eDP for DVI / VGA / HDMI


I'm not a hardware person, but I would like to install the motherboard of my broken Macbook in to a desktop PC case. It's probably a stupid idea but I think it's really interesting.

3 problems arise here me:

1. Is there a way nicer antennas like this to connect to the motherboard for WLAN and Bluetooth?

2. Is it possible to create an own power switch without using the original keyboard?

3. I am not sure but i think the connector Port for the LCD on the logic board is called eDP or LVDS. Since I've read that the HDMI port not to come close to the native resolution of 2560 x 1600, I would like to make a connection from the eDP or LVDS port to connect an external Monitor. Is this possible and how? I was thinking about something like a DVI, DisplayPort, so I'm higher than 1024 × 768.

Thank you :)

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German: Können Sie uns sagen, was in Ihrem MacBook Pro gebrochen? Ich denke, Sie werden feststellen, es wird viel billiger und nützlicher als zu versuchen, die Teile in einem anderen Fall passen. English:

Can you tell us what is broken in your MacBook Pro? I think you'll find it will be a lot cheaper and more useful than trying to fit the parts into a different case.


So i finally found the comment button using the english version of this page :P

The Story is that a car was running over the macbook of a friend and he gave it to me as a gift for some creative work. He was already asking Apple for a repair but it was too expensive for him. Its totally dented. I couldn't test it but i can see broken things like the Display, IO board, touch pad and the HDMI connector is somehow missing. I don't know if i can even use the batteries dented like that.

I was thinking to make him a surprise with an individual creation of a Mac Pc


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I'm not sure the logic board is working given the trauma it received.

You have a very large project on your hands here and you'll likely end up spending a fair amount of money trying to make this work if you even can.

Many of the interfaces are custom so only Apple parts will work and even limited to the given model.


To your questions:

1 - Not likely. You would need to find the special coaxial connectors that mount onto the AirPort card and then transition it to the larger sized connectors these antennas use. I should point out the antennas I'm speaking about are the WiFi ones. You will still need to figure out how to mount up the Bluetooth one. One option here is getting a Airport junker and stealing the antennas from it.

2 - Sadly on the logic is all part of the keyboard unit. You still need a trackpad

3 - The video cable for the internal display is called LVDS. But Apple uses a special version as the cable also carries power for the backlights. Forget about the internal display and focus on the external display port (miniDisplay) use it for your video output.

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i can imagine that it will expensive but i will try it for sure. i need just these three questions to be answered to get a better overview


I'm an Apple technician and guru. Let me help.

1. I would use USB variants instead of the built in, or rip the antennas out of the display housing.

2. Yes, there are power-on pads on the logic board for test purposes that you could solder to a momentary switch.

3. I'm researching this myself. Seems likely if you have an electrical engineer friend or are an extreme hobbyist.


great, thanks for your help. don't you thing these antenna would be easier instead of using the USB Ports.


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