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Released in 2011, featuring a 3.3" screen and Quad-band GSM /GPRS/EDGE support. Identified by model number ST18i.

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Why wi-fi,bluetooth and radio does not work on my phone?

Wi-fi,bluetooth and radio does not work on my phone. How can I fix it?

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in my case my phone is panasonic p55 and whenever i try to take wifi then the wifi icon blinks and nothing happen


I am using micromax q424

In this phone WiFi,Bluetooth and hotspot is not working

How can I solve this

Plz help me

Thanks in advance


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If you have a custom rom, try flashing another kernel. And if stock rom, reflash it again with flashtool program.

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Can you recommend me good flashtool program?


Here is flashtool for all Xperia devices:


Completely changed the firmware and flash the kernel. The problem remained. I had stock flashing, now i put Cyanogenmod 10.2. May it be possible to replace the component which is responsible for these functions?


I think you have hardware problem, not software. You may got to your local service center and investigate this issue.


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Wifi, bluetooth, ant+ and likely radio as well are all handled by a single chip: Texas Instrument WL1271, so all of them failing together likely means this chip is somehow faulty on your Ray (and mine too).

In my case, watching android system log (adb logcat), I could spot wifi driver errors (checsum errors, timeouts) when trying to enable it, which further indicates some communication problem between the cpu and that chip. Accessing the main PCB, I could see nothing wrong, but there are large RF-shielded areas very difficult to reach without risking to ruin the rest of the board.

Just for completeness, others symptoms in my case are:

  • freeze on first suspend after boot and PIN unlock if I do not try to enable bluetooth at least once before
  • extremely increased power usage: from one charge every 10 days to 9% of battery drained per hour

I suspect the freeze-on-suspend come from the wlan/bluetooth/... (likely bluetooth) driver trying to send suspend order to the chip, and never getting a response. Trying to enable bluetooth gets the driver stuck in some other place, where it won't take the kernel with it on suspend...

Also, complete suspend does not happen when plugged on USB (likely an intentional feature, to keep providing USB services).

It all started after I let the phone fall (from around 1.5 meter on a carpeted floor), so I suspect some solder broke under that chip.

Sadly, I see no easy fix (reflow ?).

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I had the same problem with my sony xperia ZL. Both wifi and Bluetooth have no sign of life, I tried to reset to factory default and change the firmware but not resolved. With the help of Vincent Pelletier answer, I followed this wifi and bluetooth chip.

Xperia ZL board

The board had many probable chips protected by the metal shield. Luckily for me it was the most isolated and the easiest of them.

Chip wifi and bluetooth

I removed the cap metal. Thinking it might be a reflow problem as said, I put a piece of paper in order to press the chip against the plate and then put this part of the plate on top of a clothes iron on maximum power for a few minutes.

Scheme used to make the iron in a horizontal position.

Only the part of the chip on iron.

This was possible because the part of the plate under the chip does not have any component.

The bottom of board

This solves the problem.

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