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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Black Screen after 15 sec on Mac Mini Display Port

Hi All,

I have a LED cinema display 24" and I decided to plug it in my new mid 2014 MBP15" retina and its not detected for video.

Sound is working fine, iSight too but not screen.

I decide to do the PRAM and SMC reset.Nothing

Then Updated the firmware... follow all the discussions...

nothing can make it work.

So i decided to plug it back on my Mac mini but BIMMM it stays dark too.

After reboot the screens turns on Apple logo and loading bar from yosemite then the screens turns off after 15-20sec

the mac mini is an old model and is not thunderbolt i can't copy/paste the setup as i can't see it with the screen

I'm wondering if there is anything I can do with it ? As im not under warranty anymore...

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Can you give us the last four digits of your mini's serial number so we can figure out what needs to be done to get it working.


Mac mini display support details: * Primary display: 1920x1200 * Secondary: 2560x1600 - This model simultaneously supports 1920x1200 on a DVI or VGA display using the Mini-DVI port and 2560x1600 on a dual-link DVI display using the Mini DisplayPort (with an optional Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter).


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Try plugging it back in on your mini and then restart it. Now click on fn2 key to increase the brightness. Does it light up? If not press the fn1 key a few times so its at the lowest setting. Now hit the fn2 key once it you get a flicker? try again did you ever get a flicker?

With a flashlight hold it against the screen at an angle (poor mans backlight) are you able to see a faint image of your desktop icons?

Let us know what you find.

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Thank you so much for your answer... it didn't succeed at all I will post later this weekend a video so you can see exactly how it is...



Hi ! Here is the video

Let me know if i'm doing something wrong


OK, so the issue is not the display! Your Mac mini is not able to start up and then powers down.


No no the problem is not the mac mini as it works fine on other display.

my initial question and problem is when i plug it on my MBP Retina !


No you misunderstood. Your issue is the way your system see's the display which is were the issue is.


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There will be no answer.

Apple Mac Minis go blank after the screen saver operates. Then they will not recover.

I know neither cause nor solution. I suspect that there is a hardware or firmware fault, as altering software (ie any settings at all) seems to have no effect. In any case, Apple will not acknowledge the issue.

I work around this by turning the Mac Mini off and then back on again.

richard horobin

Canberra, Australia


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If the system goes into sleep mode the front white LED will slowly dim and brighten. If that is the case all you need to do is bump the mouse or trackpad or hit the space bar of the keyboard.

If you have left it for a longer period the system will go into deep sleep mode so it does take a bit more time to wake.

In all of these cases the system will wake. We have over 100 mini units in use none fail to wake.

You may have other problems here. Does your display you are using have a sleep mode?

Try turning it off and unplugging it, then wake your mini and plug the display back in and turn it back on. Did that solve it? If it did your display is the issue not the mini.

Often we encounter issues with the displays backlights burning out. The older units used CCFL's which overtime fail. The newer units use LED's but the power circuit on some burnout. In other cases the display will work for a few minutes then die which tends to be the power supplies of the display. In all of these cases the issue was the display (which was the issue at hand with the OP here) not the system (the mini or MacBook).



You say "Try turning it off and unplugging it, then wake your mini and plug the display back in and turn it back on. Did that solve it? If it did your display is the issue not the mini."

Firstly the display is fine. I'm using it now.

I'm interested in your suggested ritual. I've tapped the (Apple Bluetooth) keyboard, but the screen didn't respond. I will try this again, the next time it fails.

My only successful ritual is to hold the power button on the mini so that it re-starts.



Well, my Thunderbolt display used with my Mac Mini keeps going black and refuses to come back on. I have found that if I unplug the thunderbolt cable and plug it into my old MacBook Air the Thunderbolt display comes on immediately. The odd thing is that if I then unplug it and plug it back into the Mini it is fine. What's that all about? This suggests that it is not the display at fault doesn't it?


Your display is fine. It’s something about the SMC apparently . One monitor recovers immediately but the other one doesn’t. Seems to be a perennial iMac thing


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