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Rilasciato nell’agosto 2014, il Lenovo Y50-70 Touch fa parte della serie Y di laptop Lenovo. Dotato di scheda grafica dedicata e di schermo touch da 15,6 pollici, il Y50-70 Touch è specializzato per il gaming.

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Where can I buy a replacement screen?

I want to replace my cracked screen, but I'm not sure where to start. How do I know which screen to buy, and where can I purchase it?

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Where can I fix my steppa table screen cracked


Where can I buy or fix my steppa tablet screen


hi guys iam from india i want to know about where get my lenevo Y50 screen replacement IPS display (only from india


I too am looking for a non touch screen for my e431


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Since you have a y50 Touch, replacing your touch panel is going to be quite a headache- not to mention going to cost quite a bit. You probably only broke the touch digitizer and the main LCD unit is probably intact, but as the two are glued together- you're going to have to replace the entire thing.

If you want to preserve your touchscreen functionality, refer to this guide:

pg.74 on how to replace your touch panel.

And you can buy a replacement panel at this website: which is the stock touch screen or you can buy a Samsung LTN156KL01 providing you can find someone that supplies it.

If you don't care about your touch functionality, you can buy any of the displays Vivian mentioned above- but you have to also buy the LCD Bezel and LCD non-touch cable for your laptop- you can get that off as well- but it'll probably cost you a fair amount more even with a cheaper display unit. You have to refer to the same lenovo guide to remove the touch panel though and then install the non-touch panel by following the previous non-touch section in reverse.

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You are the best! i have been looking for an answer for so long. i have a question though. i found this on ebay

i am wondering if this will work also. for some reason this looks more official because of the Lenovo sign. Also does the stock panel you recommended come complete like this one?


Hi, I'm from Brazil and it's really difficult to find the screen+touch display, and even the bezel or the cable. It's not possible just to replace the screen without those two parts?


Hello I have a touch model is it possible for me to replace it with a non touch

Just asking because i read somewhere its not possible because of the 30 pin cable and my laptop has the 40 pin cable


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Hi fellow Lenovo user,

After extensive research, I have found a relatively credible links. Before I proceed with the links, I would like to display other pertinent information.

What you Need to Know in order to find the Perfect Screen

  1. 30 pin eDPs
  2. Four screws that hold the display in place

What is the Screen works for yoouuuuuuu?

  1. B156HAN01.2
  2. B156HAN01.1
  3. LP156WF4(SP)(B1)
  4. LP156WF4(SP)(D1)

Thanks to these lovely people for providing the information!

Where to Buy?

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Do not purchase your replacement screen from! This company is dishonest. I purchased a replacement screen for my Lenovo Y50 laptop on 15 March 2016. When it arrived it had a sticker "Reliability Test Sample" This means that it is NOT NEW. It has probably been used for 100's of hours non-stop before being discarded by the manufacturer. It also flickers on and off regularly! The company claims to be located in Hong Kong (website) but they are actually located at: Liu Wei Room 313, FuYuan Building, NO.460 FanShen Road, BaoAn 45 District,Shenzhen 518000,Guangdong Province, China Tel: 13332992046 They even want YOU to lie when you return their merchandise. They want you to declare the value to be only $20, but they charge you $144USD! Disgraceful in any culture!

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The best source for laptop screens is at Not only do they have good prices, but they carry a wide variety of screens. They have a good model based replacement screen selector on their site and carry screens for both touch and non-touch Y50-70 models. They also carry replacement digitizer glass. Make sure you specify if your model is touch or not.

If touch, be aware that if only one of the LCD and digitizer is cracked, you will need to be very careful in separating them as it is easy to break the non-broken one in the process. This is best done with a heat gun or heavy duty hair dryer and a lot of patience. You will also need the right kind of adhesive tape to affix the LCD to the back of the digitizer glass.

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