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Seconda generazione di iPhone. Modello A1241/8 o 16 GB di memoria/plastica posteriore bianca o nera. La riparazione è più semplice rispetto al primo iPhone. Richiede l'uso di cacciaviti e strumenti di leva e distacco con ventose.

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Sleep button broken, still clicks

I have an iPhone 3G which (after too many drops floor) doesn't have a working sleep button.

The button still "clicks" so it seems like it is something else.

I did take the phone apart and put it together again with no luck.

Do anyone of you know what I could do and/or what parts to replace?

I did the mistake of upgrading to iOS 4 to jailbreak it (not sold in my country) but I'm not able to without getting into DFU mode, which needs a working sleep button, soo I have an expensive device which only displays the iTunes logo :s


Gunnar Steinn

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I had the same problem with my 3G. What I ended up doing is buying a new headphone jack to replace the old one. The button that the power button knob presses against is attached to the headphone jack. I bought it for about $9 on eBay. The power button functioned again after installing the new headphone jack. The guide to do this is found on the ifixit website.

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Thanks, I'm going to try that!

In the meantime I was able to activate the phone with an AT&T sim so I can at least use it as an iPod.


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