Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Replacement keyboard brighter in the middle?

Hi all.

I replaced my keyboard with a brand-new one bought from an online auction site. After building it all together again I find the backlight for the keyboard is very bright near the center compared to the rest of the keyboard. I dismantled it all and made sure the sheets are perfectly lined up but it was still the same. I then stripped it again and cleaned the 3 separate sheets but again it's still the same.

I then bought a new replacement backlight for the keyboard and yet again it's still the same! Is the keyboard I bought to blame? Has anyone else had this trouble?

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It sounds like its a layering issue. The brightness (bulbs) are actually in the middle so it sounds like that's ok. The layer with the bulbs (black on one side white on the other) the bulbs need to go through the clear layer (the clear layer distributes the light) so you have to make sure that the bulbs are actually going through and sitting in the clear layer

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It's just misaligned. This part sucks, open it back up and move everything around until it fits into place. This is really miserable because the CD drive, logic board, etc all have to come out each time you do this.

You could just apply DC voltage to the backlight BEFORE putting the optical drive/board back in, but thisis overkill for a 1 time job.

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Thanks for your input Louis. I've taken it apart a dozen times and this issue is killing me lol.

There's 2 small round locating lugs on the underside of the keyboard right? On each individual sheet there's corresponding holes that fit over these lugs. If every individual sheet is lined up perfectly onto these lugs I'm guessing that should be it? If so this is not the case on mine.

This is with using the original backlight sheets, and brand new backlight sheets. I just don't get it.. if there is any adjustments to make (while keeping it on these locating lugs) it can only be in microscopic movements.

Is it possible that the genuine keyboards are more filtered or difused near the centre, to help allow even distribution of the light? If so, it could be that my cheap replacement keyboard doesn't have this.. it's the only explanation I can think of.

Would really value your opinion on this!


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