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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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Ghost touch problem (with multiple digitizers)

Hi there!

I am having a problem with an ipad 4 that came back for repair after a few weeks claiming it suddenly started ghost touching. After testing it shows that it does generate ghost touches but also on multiple digitizers. Even when i set the digitizer vertical next to the frame so it does not touch the frame at all it keeps doing it. Most of the times it does not even respond on any touch input and just starts flipping out on its own randomly, sometimes more worse then the last time. I have tried 3 digitizers now from different suppliers but they all act the same. Could anybody shed some light as to why this might be happening and if it is fixable? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kevin,

First, I am assuming that you tried on the new digitizers without gluing them or pushing them hard in place? (To rule out a creased digitizer cable due to improper installation).

Second, did the iPad show any signs of drop when it came back?

Any sign of liquid damage?

Note: did you try a restore? (Asking if you did, not suggesting that you do).

After ruling out the above, I'd use a magnifying glass to look at the touch-screen connectors on the logic board to see if:

- The retaining flaps are missing, broken, displaced;

- The connector is damaged, any pins are broken; you could even test continuity between the connector and logic board;

- Any components around them are missing or broken.

Have a look and let us know what you see. We can take it from there.

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Thank you Rany for the quick reply, i was not able to respond earlier today because of being way too busy, my apologies for this.

Anyways, i have checked the connectors sitting on the motherboard but i cannot find anything out of the ordinary. The pins seem perfectly fine and not damaged at all.

The weird thing is that this ipad did work for a few weeks since it took for about 2 months to return for this issue, but now when i put multiple digitizers on there it keeps doing the same thing; It either does not/barely respond or it starts flipping out.

As for obvious drop signs, there were none. The body seems fine on all 4 edges but it might as well have been dropped on the bottom. I do see that there were alot of scratches on the digitizer for having it in use for only 2 months already.

Anyways, i have not tried to do a restore, but i might as well if all else fails, there should be backups pending for the owner from before it went into repair again so this should be no issue at all.

--> continued


The flaps are fine, connector seems fine, anything else seems fine too, i see no missing or damaged internal parts.

And yes, i tried 3 different quality digiterz that work on other ipad's. I know of the body/digitizer problem some ipad versions have that is why i always test the digitizer standing vertically up next to the ipad instead of pushing it on the frame, but even standing next to it makes no difference and the ipad keeps flipping out.

Like i said before, i do not understand why it did work before, it seems like it only gone worse by the day and on all digitizers it sometimes is even impossible to move the home screen at all as if it completely fails to register any touch. When you press standby and wake it up again it might do the same or start flipping out right away again.

Any ideas as to what it could be other then perhaps a defective mainbord? Because i do start to think this is the issue here.


Using known good touch-screen with no apparent damage on the retaining flaps and connectors and still having crazy-touch... mmm.. this leads me to think primarily of damaged connector that requires re-flowing/re-soldering or replacing. But then it could be something else on the logic board. Next to the two touch-screen connectors, underneath the shield (on both sides of the board), there are about 3 dozens components that could have gone bad due to a number of reasons such as liquid spill, bad drop, ESD, etc. You'll need micro soldering skills and testing tools to go through them one by one, looking for missing continuity, bad voltage, etc. If you know your way around, go ahead. If not, I can recommend jessabethany (look up her profile on iFixit) who you can contact for help.


If you're wondering whether you damaged something, I cannot tell for sure. ESD is always a possibility. Obviously, the client may have dropped it flat (you cannot say for sure) or on the corners (you can see the damaged corners). Etc. Good luck sorting out the reason and convincing the owner :) and sorry for the late reply but I had missed your comment.


No problem mate. Yeah i am going for the flat fall damage in this one. I am not too experienced in measuring everything but i do felt like trying this, only the owner (a school whom leases them to students, yeah.. thats why fall damage comes in mind :p) did not want to bother us for too long and told us they would replace it with another ipad and settle something with the students. All in all no visible damage was present but the screen did have alot of scratches for only being away for a small amount of time. Thanks anyways for your support, really appreciate the time and effort!


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Sharing what I posted in another topic, because I ran in circles trying to solve ghost touching and my solution ended up being some loose frame screws!!

"Ghost touching after digitizer replacement"

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Problem came back, seems the screws were a red herring. Just happened to work for a day after that.


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