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La linea di computer portatili MacBook Pro di Apple era destinata ad utenti avanzati e professionisti. La linea MacBook Pro include MacBook Pro 13 "Unibody, MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 15 "Unibody, MacBook Pro 17" e MacBook Pro 17 "Unibody.

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Why does my wifi signal keep dropping?

I keep dropping my wifi connection from an Airport Extreme router. My husband's iBook never drops a connection. I switched to a g from an n network, but still drop a connection after a while on line.

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I'm not sure if this will help your problem, but have you installed the latest updates for both the Airport Extreme and your MacBook Pro. that may be a good first thing to try

this week Apple released Airport Client software update, and a few months back there was an update to the Airport Extreme itself too. check Apple's site for the latest downloads

I don't recall exactly when, but my MacBook Pro (2006 vintage) had Wi-Fi reception problems at first, but there was some update along the way that seemed to fix it.

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I have a zte not apple


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I'm a technician and I noticed this as well. AFTER the wifi card overheats, due to excessive gaming/video streaming, the wifi card has overheated and has not been the same since. It will stop connecting, but I would have to "turn wifi off" for a few minutes and turn it back on and it will work. I don't think the wifi cards are replaceable though... still looking for an answer to that.

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Still no help


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