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Model A1225 / Early 2009 / 2.66, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Boot takes 20 minutes, no bluetooth

I'm looking for some pointers on how to diagnose the issues I am seeing on my 24" iMac (early 2009, 2.66 A1225). Here is a synopsis of what I am experiencing:

1) Boot up takes about 20 minutes, or more... generally the machine sits at the "white screen" for most of this time.

2) When machine comes up, the blue tooth interface simply does not exist.

I've taken a few basic steps like resetting PRAM ... I did boot from the CD to run the AHT but that yielded nothing, in fact, it hung. I let it run over night... about 18 hours straight.

So, I am trying looking for some advice on some things I could look at that could give me a clue what's going on - honestly, at this point the machine is not worth taking to a shop. *IF* I can get it to work it will either be my 7 year old daughter's first computer, or dedicated to hosting my film scanner which requires a fire-wire interface (and for which I have a Mac mini that could do the same thing).

For all practical purposes, this could easily just be sent to recycling but I'd like to use it as a practical learning experience.

Right now, I have two working theories:

1) It's a problem on the logic board (from what I can tell, expensive part if you can find it)

2) it's a problem with the blue tooth module (I am assuming that is a daughter-board)

I am also curious, in terms of circuit cards, what functions of this model iMac are built on to the logic board and which are provided by daughter-boards?

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About the same time the following messages started appearing in the system log - regularly and repeatedly:

Oct 3 21:08:47 localhost kernel[0]: USBF: 4.585 AppleUSBHubPort::FatalError - Port 1 of Hub at 0x6100000 reported error 0xe00002c0 while doing clearing port feature (1)

Oct 3 21:08:47 localhost kernel[0]: USBF: 4.585 AppleUSBHubPort::FatalError - Port 2 of Hub at 0x6100000 reported error 0xe00002c0 while doing clearing port feature (1)

Oct 3 21:08:47 localhost kernel[0]: USBF: 4.607 AppleUSBHubPort::FatalError - Port 3 of Hub at 0x6100000 reported error 0xe00002ed while doing getting port status (4)

Oct 3 21:08:47 localhost kernel[0]: USBF: 4.607 AppleUSBHubPort::FatalError - Port 3 of Hub at 0x6100000 reported error 0xe00002c0 while doing clearing port feature (2)


As for reinstalling, booting in safe mode, etc... all of that has become problematic. For example, I tried booting in safe mode - held down shift until the Apple logo appeared (about 5 min) - machine rebooted.

Tried booting from diagnostic disk - held down "D" key during boot until apple logo appeared. Machine rebooted.

Tried reinstalling OS... same thing when booting from install media.

I've reset NVRAM and SMC. No changes.

I set up boot-args for verbose mode, nothing of note - most of the delay occurs during just getting to the point where the OS starts to load.

The one and only time I was ever able to get it to boot off the diagnostic disk and ran AHT, it hung... I was able to start the test and it appeared to be progressing, but 18 hours later had not made any progress.


As for turning off Bluetooth that is really part of the problem - I can't turn it off or on, the Bluetooth device is not found. I have tried a couple of remedies for this (deleting the Bluetooth property list, reset in SMC, etc)... So, effectively it is off. I suspect the USB errors I am seeting are somewhat related to that.

As of now, I can't even boot the machine - since my last attempt to reboot (in safe mode), it has been continually restarting itself.

My goal right now is just to get it up to a point where I could run some kind of diagnostics rather than resorting to pure guess work to figure out what is wrong.


just set boot-args to always boot verbose and safe... (-v -x) - now it is just continually rebooting. It spends a fair amount of time "loading drivers" and then restarts... 3 times in a row so far. Ugh. Make that 4.


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Disconnect the hard drive. Boot from the original system installation disk. if it boots right up, the issue is most likely a failing hard drive. I'd drop in a SSHD drive.

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I agree - from the more detailed information a bad/failing HD sounds likely.


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Look over the guides and notes or the teardown for for EMC 226, 2308 or 237 how this machine is put tighter overall they are similar.

Often AHT will not catch a problem with just one run if it's an overheat issue. You may need to run it 2 or 3x in succession.

When was the last time this machine booted without the wait? Did you add apps, peripherals or change OS before the WSOD?

Check your free space on the HD. If you don't have 12GB or ~20% of the total that may be part of your boot problems.

White screen boot sometimes is a corrupt system folder. Try safe (shift) booting (faster?) and then creating a new master user and setting (or choosing that) as a log in may solve corrupt font/file issues. If not you may have to backup and wipe the drive then reinstall and update the OS.

You don't mention what OS you're running. If you've upgraded it from the original that may have a part in the slow down… or an attached peripheral.

Try booting with no peripherals attached. (Faster?)

Try turning off Bluetooth and using a USB keyboard/mouse (any kind will work - doesn't have to be Apple) Faster?

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it accepted.

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OS is 10.8.5 and had been installed for some time before the problems began.

No peripherals are attached - just the USB keyboard.

The boot problems started on, or around 9/29 - at that time, the only peripherals attached were an external USB disk drive (Segate, I believe) and an HP Printer. The owner of the machine at the time (my mother in law) was using a USB keyboard and a bluetooth mouse. The first symptoms they described were exceptionally long boot times and the mouse being non responsive.


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Hi Scott

I have the exact same problem with a friend's iMac - same build, 27". All of the symptoms you have, I have. All of the things I've tried result in exact the same way. So I'm curious ... have you eventually found out the cause and a possible solution?



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@Kristof Brodeoux - This is an old question how about creating your own with your system details as it sounds like you have a different model than the OP had and others can see your question too.


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I had the same issue. Just disconnect the BT board solved the long boot issue.

Changing the BT board solved the whole problem.

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My Imac took hours to boot up and sometimes just hangs onnthe boot screen.

Boot up with a wired keyboard. Then remove all connected Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth settings. Reboot the Imac, and then re-add all your bluetooth devices again. Worked for me.


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