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How do I fix a broken connector and pins on motherboard?

While cleaning out one of my ps3's the ribbon cable that attaches to the power eject control board pulled the connector that attaches to the motherboard from the soldered pins. I know it's a10 pin flat ribbon connector, but I can't find one to replace it.

I'm not looking forward to having to remove the few remaining pins that are still attached to the board and soldering new ones and installing the connector. As far as I can tell that is my only option to get my ps3 back up and running.

If anyone knows where I can find the connector and pins Orr an alternate way to make the connection I would be greatly appreciative.

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post an image of your connector and its location on the logic board with your question. that way we can see what you see.


I would love to upload an image but I'm finding it extremely difficult to do usingmy phone.


Had a similar problem with a PS3 for the flex cable that connects the power eject control board. The end going to the mother board has a connector that accepts the flex cable and plugs into a socket on the mother board. This ZIF to pin socket type connector became damaged when I tried to get the flex cable back into the connector and is now very loose. I am assuming that it will not provide a reliable connection at this point. Trying to find a replacement connector, but no success so far. I will try to provide a picture of this.


Is there any way that we could solder 2 wires from the board that we could short so it could power on?


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Hey mate, I have no idea how it was able to rip the connector from the motherboard. But to my understanding, they are called ZIF connectors (zero-insertion-force). As for where to get them, I could only find them on Aliexpress, but in bulk. That said, they would be very hard to solder on, basically SMD soldering. You could possibly get a connector off another circuit board, if you were lucky, but i don't know if they like being de soldered.

The other option, would be buying a new motherboard.

Sorry that its not the most positive of answers, but i hope it was of some help.

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