How to Jump start a MacBook Pro 15"

I have a MacBook Pro 15" Non-Unibody model and I would like to jump-start the computer.

Now there is no keyboard, so there isn't a power button, and I would like to turn on the computer.

How would I go about doing this?

Are there power pads that I need to short?


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Matthew, yes there are. what is your computers serial number? With that we can identify exactly what hardware configuration you have and can show you where they are.


The serial number is: W861527FVJ0


Also how would I go about turning it back off?


Where on this page might I find the location of the pads?


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Matthew, connect a USB mouse. Short the power on pads on the logic board to boot the system and use the mouse to put the system to sleep from the menu.

Block Image

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Here's a good reference on the power pads: Turning on MacBook Pro without power button.

You can also jump the button wires from underneath the upper case.

As to turning the system off, you should be able to use a USB connected mouse to use the shutdown menu choice.

Did you test the power button with a continuity meter or Ohm meter to see if that was the problem.

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My macbook pro is a Non-Unibody model, not a Unibody.


Where would I find the pads on the 15" Non-Unibody Model?


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