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Modello A1286. Lanciato nel febbraio 2011 / processori quad-core Intel Core i7 da 2,0, 2,2 o 2,3 GHz

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Fan sockets popped out

The fan socket is very small and is only attached by small 4 solderings. I accidently popped it off wrong and it came off(all 4 solderings). I went to Apple Store, but refuses to repair(they said they can only replace the entire logic board). Can anyone help me find a way to put the socket back to the logic board? If possible, which tools and materials would I need? (Since the soldering could be challenging in such small scale...requiring precision). Thank you so much...

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What exactly are you talking about? Pictures?


The fan socket... here is the photo.

Thank you for the clarifcation josh!


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Any electronic shop will solder back that socket on the board for cheap but if you want DIY you'll need a solder iron with a fine tip. Clean the socket and it's board location with 90% isopropyl alcohol, let dry, apply a SMALL drop of super glue under the socket and align it over the 6 solder pads where it was before it was snapped off. Hold it firmly in place until the glue is hardened. All the 6 board pads should be well aligned with the socket legs (4 at the front, 2 at the rear). You don't really need to add solder just briefly touch each solder pads with the fine tip of your solder iron. If there's not enough solder left on the pads to do a good contact you'll have to add some and use flux to prevent bridges between the pads. To solder back this type of socket you cannot use a hot air station. The socket would melt on the board. Now to check if everything's fine use a multimeter to check continuity between the solder pads and the metal pins inside the socket.

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Thank you so much lemerise! This is soooo helpful!!! But what do you mean by "hot air station"? I ordered Hakko soldering station to use... but don't know what temperature to use. Do you have any idea on the temperature?


Jesse, the fan socket is made of plastic. You cannot solder it in place with hot air it would melt. You need to use a solder iron and manually solder the solder pads. No problem to do it with your Hakko if it's a commun solder iron station and not a hot air station. I use a small pencil solder iron to do this kind of job, it's directly connected to the wall so I don't know the temperature the iron produces.


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