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Informazioni sulla riparazione e guide per i laptop MacBook Pro 15" Retina dal 2012 in poi.

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MacBook Pro 15" Retina SSD upgrade comparison? MaxUpgrades, OWC & Tran

Has anyone done a comparison of the SSD Upgrades for the MacBook Pro 15" with Retina display?

Here're OWC's SSD Upgrades:


And Transcend's:


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I would look at this site: The SSD Review. If you want performance benchmarks.

As to replacement SSD units for your system, you do need to be careful here as Apple has used different technologies and custom firmware so you do need to get the correct unit for your system.

I've used both OWC and Transcend and both worked without any problems (fit or performance I was expecting).

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Transcend is good, don't use OWC junk. Their Air SSDs don't even fit into the machine and they fail easier in my experience. I've had to hold them in with kapton tape because you can't put the screwhole in, OWC's manufacturing is junk.

Transcend's stuff is nice.

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