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How to do factory reset without cd no cd rom


my memory is running really low, so i want to do a factory reset. unfortunately when i purchased my mac-book air it did not come with a cd-rom nor with a cd. I've been doing all of my upgrading via app store. i just don't want to mess up my mac-book. so if someone can help, thank u!!!

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I'd do as Dan suggests and back up my data first. Then try restarting holding down the "R" key. The Utilities should come up. I'd try Disk Utility first and see if repairing the drive will help. That failing do a reinstall from the reinstall option. No Macs have shipped with installation disks since 10.6. You can even drop in a new hard drive, start up (with an internet connection). an it will download the original operating system.

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You'll need a few USB thumb drives or a USB HD unit to start with.

  1. Backup your data and Apps if you didn't download them from the Apps store.
  2. Download from the Apps store the OS installer for your system.
  3. Make a copy of the installer in a temp folder (just in case) Using the OS installer prep up a USB drive as a bootable disk. Make sure afterwards it is able to boot up your system (Use the Option key during restart to select it). Once its working copy to it the OS installer. This is now your recovery disk.

Now restart the system using your recovery USB thumb drive and run the OS installer app make sure you select your internal disk reformat the drive and re-install the OS.

Restart the system again without the thumb drive, copy back anything you want - Done!

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