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Repair information and guides for the CDMA version of the fourth generation iPhone. Model: A1349 / 8, 16, or 32 GB storage capacity

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4.8mm Standoff Not working

So i am trying to put my iphone 4 back together, but when i try to screw the screw that holds in the grounding clip on the wifi antenna, it will not go in. Can i buy another standoff somewhere for cheap? Preferably on ebay. I have seen some screw sets but I dont know if the standoff is the 3.6 or 4.8mm. Its a iPhone 4 Verizon.

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The stand off is 4.8mm.

The screw will be in that kit, you cant buy the screw by itself.

I have done countless iPhone 4 and 4s screen replacements the wifi will still work with out the ground clip (but its not recommended to not have one) Do not use the phone for a long period of time without the ground clip. I would try to get that screw asap so you don't do damage to the wifi connector.

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