iMac will not boot.

My son's mid 2007 iMac failed last week. It's EMC number is 2134 and it's Model is A1225. I took it to the Genius Bar and the tech there said it was the power supply. He said it failed as soon as it asked for more than the trickle charge. So I went home and ordered a new power supply. The power supply that I received has the same form factor as the original but otherwise looks quite a bit different. In other words, it fits in the machine and has all the right connectors but isn't the same part.

New Power Supply

Old Power Supply

The new power supply has a serial number of MV80508M1XCPA while the old one has a serial number of Z273008JWXCQA. The parts person I ordered them from insists that Apple says both of those EEE codes (XCQ and XCP) point to replacement part 661-4478 and that the part he supplied is that part number.

When I install the new power supply the first diagnostic light on the logic board lights up briefly and then goes out. When I re-install the old power supply the three lights on the logic board light up and I hear the hard drive start to spin and then everything goes out. The screen never lights up etc.

I guess my question is, I obviously need to return the power supply I bought but do I need to find a replacement that matches my power supply exactly? Do I need a different part number? Does this behavior (LED lights) sound like a power supply issue? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

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Here is my response to your email:


Your old power supply appears to be working correctly. Send the new one back. This model has a lot of problems with the video card (you’ll see that by the elevated prices on the replacement part). Your LED’s also indicates that this is your issue. Plug in an external monitor to make sure it’s not the inverter as I’ve had to replace this on several of these machines. This is true if you noted any flickering before it went out.

Hope this helps,

Richard Mayer

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Hi Richard,

I replied to your email before I checked here..whoops. Here's my response:

Thank you so much for your reply. That would make sense based on the LEDs. I'm not sure how to go about plugging in an external monitor. Do I just leave the screen unplugged and plug in mini-DVI with a converter? If you choose not to answer that, I understand. Just know I really appreciate your help. Based on the cost I saw, I don't think it's worth repairing for me. I've never removed a logic board in an iMac and the machine itself may not be worth as much as the effort I put in. I'll have to do more research.

P.S. added some more to this reply because I don't think my email made total sense.


Just use the adapter, if the video card is good it will work. If it’s the inverter it will work. If it is a bad video card it won’t work and it’s a difficult repair and takes me over two hours to do, it would take a novice 5-6 hours and hope you get it all correct but it can be done.



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