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reapair MacBook air keyboard

Hi, a dense liqi(u)d slept in my keyboard and damaged 5 keys.

I cleaned RIGHT AWAY and tried at first all keys work fine, b(u)t after 10 mins trying to type a phone n()mber and the (seven) was missed so a repeat typing key by key and

the (seven) key , the (u) key , the (J) key and the (qotation) key and the (:) key

I tried clean with special electronic sparay cleaner bt didn t work

Plase, help...

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Which version do you have?


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Your details are sketchy

If you powered the board while it was still wet'' with either the dense liquid or the spray you could have shorted it out.''

A sealed laptop with liquid damage takes a desiccant, and days to dry, not minutes or hours.

A new keyboard may solve the problem provided there no other internal dammage.

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