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keyboard and mouse pad doesn't work


I have MacBook Air A1466 . ( 2012 ) keyboard and mouse pad doesn't work. On a keyboard

Just power on switch is working. What's prob on it ? I changed keyboard as well. But it's still

Same prob.

Thanks .

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Have you tried using an external keyboard & mouse, does that work?

You state you changed the keyboard how did you do that? Please explain.

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The keyboard is riveted into the case on these MacBook Airs, but it can be replaced. It may not be the best way to do it as the keyboard is no longer riveted into the case, but it works.


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The keyboard connects to the logic board through the trackpad on these machines. So perhaps the problem is with the trackpad. I actually recently ran into this with a customer's was acting as if the shift key was stuck down, so I replaced the keyboard. That didn't solve the problem so I replaced the trackpad and that turned out to be the issue.

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