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Apple repaired sleep/wake button, why is the display now washed out?

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I sent in my iPhone 5 for the "iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program". Now the display appears washed out intermittently. The washout appears generally in the center of the display to about 5 mm of the edge. This photo shows what it looks like for a minute or so after heavy GPU usage (scrolling through photos), then display will return to normal. There is no external indication of water damage, the ports don't indicate a pink indicator. (If it is water damage, it happened during the repair on the inside, I find this unlikely.)

I have restarted it, reset it, and restored the iPhone from backup. The problem purely seems hardware related. I did note that they replaced the battery and the camera when they replaced the coax flex cable for the Sleep/Wake button. I thought it may be the battery pressing on the display, but the problem is very intermittent and doesn't seem to be related to heat or charging state.

I know the correct thing to do is to return the iPhone for repair during it's 90-day repair warranty, however they won't give me a loaner phone for this repair. It's ironic that Apple provided me a loaner phone for the "Replacement Program" but won't for a problem caused by the "Replacement Program"

I have replaced many iPhone displays for other people, I have not seen this issue before and it doesn't appear to be related to the temporary white screen common with iPod screen replacements. Opening the phone myself would void the 90-day warranty and replacing the display likely will not resolve the issue.

I'm hoping that others have had this specific issue and have a simple fix I overlooked. I have had no luck finding any other instances of this through a cursory Google search.

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Update: After I received my iPhone 6 Plus, I was able to return the iPhone 5 (since no loaner was available for the repair of the botched repair) to the Authorized Apple Reseller where I originally took it to have the sleep/wake button replaced. They were confused at first, but thankfully I was able to reproduce the problem. I took and gave (emailed) them another photo similar to the one posted above. The next day I get a call saying Apple has approved a replacement of my iPhone 5. The following day I picked up what appears to be a brand new white 64GB GSM iPhone 5 (exact replacement). I suppose it could be a refurbished phone, but I can't tell. (At least the screen doesn't have a yellowish tint like some replacement screens have been reported to.)

Thanks for the help on this thread!


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Reconnect the display cables, if still not working, they've torn the cable.

Opening up your iPhone would void the warranty, that is if they find out. It's not so hard to perform repair on this thing without leaving a trace.

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True, the iPhone 5 doesn't have any booby traps to worry about. I'm adding a new comment above about how I can reproduce the washout...



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Um, you already opened your phone....and noticed that you have a new battery, new power flex, replacement camera etc.

Why not stick a new screen on there---it may solve.


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Actually, it was Apple (at some remote repair center that the iPhone was sent to) that replaced the sleep/wake flex cable under their free "iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program". It was Apple that also replaced the battery and camera as well. I only know this because of the "AppleCare Service Product Service Summary" printout I received with the repaired iPhone 5. I was not aware they were going to do this but I wasn't complaining. I have read reports that the iPhone 5 batteries have had problems, so perhaps the battery replacement was precautionary. I never had a problem with it before, but it was two years old. I'll take a new free battery anytime.


I would stick a new screen on it anyway. If the phone has already been opened (by the teenagers working at the service center) then I'm not sure the teens working at the Apple store would be able refuse you on the basis that the phone looks like it has been opened....but that is nothing but a total anecdotal opinion.


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