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Broken resistor and stand-off - iPhone 4S

***EDIT: My previous post did include a generic image, I have now included a picture of my actual phone.

Hi! When trying to replace the lcd on my iPhone 4S, I've accidentally broken 1 resistor (or whatever part this is) and the stand-off for the screw, the board near the stand-off seems to be damaged, too. Since then, the phone still works fine, but the ear piece speaker has no sound.

I guess I can live without the stand-off (or does it have any other purpose than holding the screw?), but I would like to have the ear piece speaker working again.

I have circled the damaged part on this picture.

My 3 questions:

- Would you know what part of the damage causes the earpiece speaker not to work anymore?

- Would an electronic technician usually have that kind of parts to have this repaired or should I order it online (if so, where)?

- How much should I expect to pay for such a repair?

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Many thanks in advance!


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Mathieu, that is correct. Only one part is a electronic component, therefore you will only have those two contacts. The electronic component is reference designator C67_RF which is a 10UF 6.3V 20% capacitor (not a resistor) in a 0402 package. The other part is BS 2 which is a 2.5OD 1.0ID 1.07H standoff. Not sure about the standoff, but the capacitor is a pretty common item and any good electronics repair shop should have it. Cost should be around $0.30. BTW this should not have anything to do with your earspeaker. That capacitor is not part of any audio circuitry. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Wow, thanks!!!

At first, I didn't see the broken capacitor, so I bought a replacement assembly for the ear piece speaker (brand new flex with the speaker, proximity sensor and power button), I've plugged it in, without fully installing it but just by connecting the flex, and still no sound to the speaker.

Could that be a software issue? It turns out that the problem started exactly when I tested the new LCD. Please note that I just tested the LCD by plugging its 2 wires, my old cracked (but working) LCD is still in place.

If this capacitor is not the problem, would you see anything else that I could have damaged something nearby? The phone is not in "headphones mode", since music plays in the bottom speakers. I can hear the caller when I use my headphones or in speakerphone mode, but the ear piece speaker never emits a sound during a normal call.

And since this broken capacitor doesn't seen to affect the phone, should I have it replaced, or can I live without it?

Many thanks again for your help! :)


I suggest to always fix the broken parts first. This way you will not have to guess. Since you used a generic pictures, it is hard to identify anything else:-)


Hi! Thanks again, that's a very good idea to post a picture of my phone instead of a generic one, I've included it to my orignal post above. The damage to the board caused by the stand-off seems to be more dramatic than just the capacitor. Do you think this is something that can be repaired at a reasonable cost?

Thanks again!!


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The ear speaker problem is possibly unrelated to this damage. The ear speaker needs to make mechanical pressure contact to function and is commonly not functional because the board isn't making good contact with the two metal prongs under the board. A new power/proximity flex is a big job and is separate from the ear speaker. Try cleaning the underside of the board at the metal contacts and carefully installing the board to make best contact with threat speaker. AND--from my 'lessons learned the hard way file' make sure you pull the factory plastic from the new screen if you've done a screen replacement--the factory plastic covers the ear speaker so you can't hear it, unlike an actual screen protector that has a cut out for the ear speaker.

I am surprised you don't have more loss of function without that big cap--are you sure you can still connect to WiFi?

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Hi! Yes fortunately, my phone had been broken like this for 2 weeks and wifi works perfectly, as well as 3g and everything else, the only problem I can see is with the speaker. If I understand you well, there needs to be pressure to the 2 copper contacts on the speaker for it to work. If I want to test my new ear piece speaker (which is connected to a new flex complete with the proximity sensor and power button), without dismantling the phone completely, can I just plug in the new flex without installing it, and press manually on the contacts to have it working, or should it make a contact with a specific part of the board? Many thanks for your help!!


If I were you, I'd return that piece and get a regular ear speaker for a few cents and pop it in and switch. I think it would be difficult to test a new ear speaked that is embedded in a flex without damaging anything. If you wanted to try, I'd take the board out of the housing and just attach the battery and your old screen and the flex. Hold the ear speaker to the bottom of the board on its metal contacts. Power on the phone using the button on your new flex. Test ear speaker.


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