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Can I upgrade wireless card to get AC

Is it possible to upgrade my mid 2011 MacBook Airs wifi card to be able to connect to 802.11 AC? Also, would this enable continuity and handoff under Yosemite?

Would this be the correct part# BCM94360CS2?

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I would wait until Apple releases Yosemite. So far the beta releases have used the hardware ID to identify which systems can support hand off. Basically making the idea moot.

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Thanks for the quick reply but I am still interested as I want to convert all my devices from 802.11 a/b/g/n to 802.11 ac so if anyone has down this please let me know as I am still interested in the answer.


The few that have done it and done real testing state there is no benefit in swapping out the 802.11n to the 802.11ac AirPort board in the MacBook Air systems. The MacBook Pro retina model has been more mixed. Some claim improvement but the testing we did, didn't show any real improvement. Out testing was within an office building so your performance might be better in a quieter RF area.


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