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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in April 2014.

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Is a glass only replacement possible on this device?

im looking to do a glass only replacement but in some cases ive seen its just better to do a glass/lcd replacement I much rather glass only cause is cheaper but im wondering if any one has done this repair already so they can tell me?

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Juan, "glass only cause is cheaper" yes it is but you will need an LCD separator to remove the glass/digitizer from the LCD first. Or you will have to use a thin wire plenty of heat and patience and luck to try to separate it. Than you will have to use OCA and adhere it back together. Unless you have plenty of experience with separating LCD's from digitizers I strongly recommend a complete assembly repair. It will be cheaper in the long run.....

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oldturkey03 that is not correct, this model does not have ultraviolet adhesive between the glass and lcd, the digitizer is built onto the glass. You do have to be careful but the adhesive is bonded to the case plastics and can be separated by many methods. I use heat to warm up the adhesive and can confirm the glass is not adhered to the LCD by OCA.

As always with tablet repairs, take care not to damage the thin flex cables that connect the lcd and digitizer to the main board, they are very thin.

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i just order glas only.. :-)


john, there was adhesive between the glass and lcd. so i guess oldturkey03 was right


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