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Processore dual core Intel Core i5 da 2,6 GHz (3,2 GHz con Turbo Boost) con 3 MB di cache L3. Lanciato il 13 febbraio 2013

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The logic board from this unit, will it fit any other units?

I got a working logic board from a 2013 macbook pro 13" with CPU and Ram and all that on board. Just curious if it will fit any other macbook pro models or this one only?

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Here is the link to exact model by serial it came out of


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You'll need to do some investigating which MacBook Pro 13" if came from.

As it will need to be not just in a 13" model but the given series as Apple has altered the layout and options over the years.

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It will not fit and it is the first Retina model apple made. I heard some people had their logic board replaced by Apple even there was no problem. If you have problem, you can make appoint with idiot bar and if lucky they might give you a new board(if not liquid damage).


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