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Does my G5 isight have the 4 LED light diagnosic facility?

My iMac G5 20" Model A1145 (isight) turned itself off whilst I was out and now seems dead.

I did a little research and found a great step-by-step diagnosis guide on the Apple site - it said the G5 has 4 LED diagnosis lights that can help you narrow down the problem.

At this stage, I was feeling a little more hopeful when I saw an annoying note to the effect that the guide did not apply to the G5 iSight model.

I researched a little more and found this site and checked out the guides for my model. They seem premised on the idea that you already KNOW what you want to replace - eg power supply.

My problem is that I DON'T know yet, and I was hoping to use these LED diagnostics to help me with that. Using the guide for displays, I started the task of getting the case off and unplugging stuff with a view to having a look if they were there.

However I came to a part that needed me to employ a T6 torx screwdriver and I don't have one of that size (yet) so I'm going to have to go and get one from somewhere tomorrow but it just struck me that even if I find one and get the display out, I'm not sure if these LEDs are even IN this model.

Does anyone know? Needless to say, I am WELL outside the warranty period...

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i´ve opened my Imac A1145 in order to see the leds and for knowing what is the reason because it is totally dead. Now, i´ve seen that all the leds are out. Could anybody help me please?.

Best Regards and thank you.



My model iMac G5 20" (Isisght) hasn't been able to boot up since yesterday. I left it on sleep mode last night and, when trying to wake it up, it started blowing air out of the fans.Nothing seems to work (SMU, Pram..)I opened it up and looked at the 4 LED diagnostic and only LEDS 1 and 2 remanin lit when I turn it on. I suppose that everything is fine with the logic board but still the computer won't show any picture or boot up. After a couple of minutes the fans come on.No response from the keyboard either.I ran out of ideas and I would appreciate the help!



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RESET the SMU of course you've checked all the power mains and cords.

From Apple: ''The original iMac G5 model has a small button on the main logic board that will also reset the SMU, allowing you to reset the SMU easily if you have the back cover removed.


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Good Luck,


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Your A1145 does indeed have the 4 LEDs for diagnostics, but they are hidden. They are underneath the right speaker. A quick few turns of a single course thread T10 screw in the middle of the speaker housing assembly and you can just lift it out and set it aside (carefully since the speaker wire is short). You'll see the LEDs along with the "Sleep Light" LED just below the Airport/Bluetooth card.


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