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Uneven backlight + yellow tint


My problem with this Iphone 5 is that the backlight on the top of the screen seems to be uneven, It looks like only every other backlight led works, and in the dark spaces casing effect of uneven backlight and yellow tint all over the screen. The remaining brightness of the backlight is sufficient for every day use, but causing problems to see the screen outside and generally its rather cosmetic issue with small dark patches at the top clearly visible on light colour background.

The screen has been checked on another phone and it behaves the same, but connected to another, third phone the backlight is full and even.

Could this be problem with the screen or with the phones?

One of the phones that the showed problem was lightly water damaged, second phone was not.

Or is it a case that some screens are not working properly with some main boards?

How can I fix it?

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I have d same problem with my iphone 5s.. Bought it a month ago but noticed d defect a week ago. The upper half of d fone is unevenly lighted (appears dark) than d lower half.


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Usually when there is a yellow tint in the lcd. It is caused by pressure pushing against the lcd. Try and reposition the camera. Sometimes during the repair it pops up just enough to cause pressure and leave a yellow tint stain on the LCD.

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Robert, since the LCD display works properly in at least one phone, it appears as if the others phones are having some kind of issue with either the backlight coil or IC (most likely the coil) Those are board level repairs and unless you have the tools and the skills to solder very small components, I'd leave it as is. Of course, you did make sure that all of your settings are properly adjusted. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Yellow spots are usually caused by liquid or pressure damage, underneath the LCD Sheild. If the phone was submerged in alcohol, it's common to have yellow spots, or in your case the whole screen, is a yellow tinge. This normally disapates over really does depend on whether on how much static damage was done, from whatever liquid made it in, and where.

If it's worked on the third phone. Did you change something on the screen, itself? And, have you tried back the other screens, after the third phone?

This kind of damage, is usually related to the screen. If it's logic board related...then it's a hand-off to a skilled, micro-circuitry solderer, for work on the digitizer, or to solder a bridge on the backlight fuse.

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