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PowerBook won't start with installed battery


My Powerbook won't start with installed battery.

If the Battery is not installed the powerbook starts normal.

I did all resets i read (PMU, SM*, etc.)

With a new battery it is still the same.

Wich part of the Book is broken?

The power supply is noise *feeep* when plugged in but seams to charge the battery.

PRAM?: With no installed battery it forgets the date after a while with no power cord plugged in

DC-IN Board?: Is that responsible for power management?

or the logic board?

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Well you do have a couple of problems here:

First you'll need to replace the PRAM battery if your model has it. Here's the guide to get to it: PRAM Battery & USB Board Replacement. Some of this series had a clock chip which had it's own battery internally on the logic board.

I do think you have a logic board issue with the charging circuit. The DC-In board does not have any of the charging logic on it. This could be a big job to diagnose and repair.

This system is quite old. I think your money & time would be better spent on a newer system. Don't get me wrong here in its day is was one !@#$ of a system! I had the titanium version for quite a few years.

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