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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in Wi-Fi, CDMA, and GSM models with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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LCD with gray lines or discoloration (help and advice)

Ok so I'm looking for people that have been through the dreaded gray lines after a digitizer fix. I've found people that have had the same issue without a broken digitizer as well.

Most people will say that the LCD needs to be replaced but what the heck is causing this issue in the first place? What am I doing wrong? I've noticed it on all sorts of iPhones and iPads and normally a simple unplug and replug of the flex cables fixes the issue.

Now when that doesn't work I have found numerous people use a slight smack to the back with something 3x will normally fix the issue for an ipad. Mine hasn't worked from that yet but I also took it really easy.

Has anyone figured out this issue and found an easy fix or preventative something?..

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The issue is the gray lines going through the apple sign on startup and when it's displayed. Sometimes it's crazy looking colors. Just for reference if you forgot what my title says.


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Normally the issue is caused by stress on the lcd flex cable and is usually fixed by either replacing the lcd flex or relacing the whole lcd with a new cable,

i cetainly would not reccommend hitting the ipad as this will just cause more problems.

simply fix it by replacing the lcd flex but sometime have to replace the display also.

Please give this a try and if it does not solve the problem please let me know and i will try and help you futher.

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@alyn jones, careful with adding your business promotion to your answer. You can refer to your service on the user page, but not in Answers. This may be perceived as spamming.


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