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The R52WH74 is a 52-inch rear-projection television. It was released by RCA around the year 2006.

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convergence adjustments via remote

I seek a proceedure foradjusting convergence prior to commencing any repair.

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thmcarlsbad, from one of many manuals:"

Service Mode

Most of the alignments for this chassis are software-driven.

Most of the alignments must be accessed and modified through the front panel service mode.

Entering the TV Service Mode Using the Front Panel Controls

1. Press and release the POWER button to turn the instrument off.

2. Wait 10 seconds before trying to enter the Field Service Mode.

3. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN and CHANNEL DOWN buttons for at least 8 seconds.

4. The instrument will switch on and come up with the field service main menu on the screen. LED will illuminate

before the picture comes up.

The instrument should display the following menu:

Block Image

Main Menu

The CH /\ and CH \/ buttons on the front panel are used to navigate up or down in the menu.

The VOL + and VOL - buttons on the FPA are used to select a menu item or decrease or increase a value in a selection list.

NOTE: Before the Field Service Mode is exited; you must check STORE or all changes to alignments will be lost.

The remote control can also be used to navigate the field service mode.

· Clear button: When this button is pressed the Field Service Mode disappears and the every-day TV functions are available.

· Menu button: To re-enter the Field Service Mode, make a long press on the Menu button. The service technician re-enters in the same menu point where he left the Field Service Mode.

· ^: This button is used to navigate up in the menu.

· Ú: This button is used to navigate down in the menu.

· <: This button is used to select a menu item, to decrease a value or to select the previous value in a selection list.

· >: This button is used to select a menu item, to increase a value or to select the next value in a selection list.

· OK: This button is used to select or deselect a menu item.

Main Menu

Soft-Ver: Displays the current software version.

Runtime Counter: Displays the total runtime in hours and mintues.

DVD Soft-Ver: For DVD models only, displays the current software version.

Config: Displays the configuration code of the instrument. Each character represents a particular hardware feature or option.

Serial-No.: Displays the serial number of the instrument.

Common features found in the submenus

Return: The submenu is closed and the main Field Service Mode menu appears.

Defaults: The default values for the current menu are copied from ROM to RAM.

Note: If Default is checked a complete realignment of that particular menu is required.

Store: All current values from a menu group are stored into memory.

Restore: The last stored settings for the menu displayed are copied from NVM to RAM.

In Level 1 and 2, Press OK to select the color to be aligned. The position of the adjustment point can adjusted using the navigation keys (up, down, left and right) on the remote. Press the 2 key of the remote to move to the next adjustment point. Press the EXIT/CLEAR key to exit when completed.

Level 3 alignment works simular to Levels 1 and 2. The only difference, to move to the next adjustment point press 2(up), 8 (down), 6 (right) and 4 (left) on the remote unit.

when completed with convergence, press STORE to save all changes.

Sensor Calibration is used to calculate a reference border for the autoconvergence photo sensors. Check the box to begin the process. Autoconvergence starts the autoconvergence process.

Defaults enters a default submenu. Checking the box loads a set of default values from the convergence backup NVM to the Convergence IC RAM. The box will remain checked until the value is changed or store or restore is pressed in the convergence submenu.

Note: Before the Convergence Alignement menu is exited, you must check Store or all settings will be lost.

Manual Convergence Procedure

1. Turn instrument “On”. Allow to warm up for 20 munitues. Turn instrument “Off”. Enter the Service Menu holding the “Channel Down” and “Volume Down” on the FPA for 8 seconds. Enter the “Convergence Menu”.

2. Perform “Level 3” (and/or Level 1, Level 2) manual convergence as describe above. When completed, press “Clear”, then select “Return” to go back to the main Convergence Alignment Menu.

3. Check “Store” in the main Convergence Menu. A check mark will appear in the box.

4. Select “Defaults” to enter the Default Menu.

5. Select “Store Defaults”. Press and hold OK on the Remote for 2.5 seconds. Then select “Return” to go back to the main Convergence Alignment Menu.

6. Perform “Sensor Calibration”. Select it and press “OK”.

Note: If the Sensor Calibration is successful, the software will answer by flashing a GREEN SCREEN. If the GREEN SCREEN does not appear, turn the instrument off and begain the convergence procedure again.

7. Select “Return” to exit the Convergence Alignment Menu.

Note: This procedure must be performed in both the 480P and 540P (1080I) modes. The initial service menu screen will indicate which mode the instrument is in." Hope this helps, good luck.

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IN THE MENU SECTION I can't get the Auto Convergence box to be checked!!! Why will it not put a check in that box?????


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i just wont to move the blue ,to the left nothing else ,(convergence-alignement -blue-only)....left.

the tv works good,but you can see that the blue is out

is there a way i can move the blue sideways,just a little bit,to the left

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How to use the zoom button

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You definitely know about RCA television that I own. I need an answer as to why Auto Convergence does not check when I attempt to check that box in the Convergence menu!!! Please help!!!!!!

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