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The LG enV3 (Known as the LG Keybo 2 in Canada) is a mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard released from Verizon Wireless (Telus in Canada) and made by LG Electronics.

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Can't power up, need to transfer #s to new phone

My phone is in pieces thus will not power up and i need to transfer the phone #s and other stored information to a new phone

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The only way to get this done is to reassemble it and try to power it up to make the transfer. it's simply not possible to access the memory without powering on the device.

years ago i did some data recovery on nokia phones - but i don't think that you will find somebody who has this exact device and is willing to desolder the memory chips of your dead one, his working one, putting your memory chip in his device, read it out and then throws your chip out only to resolder his chip again (maybe it sounds easy - it's a tough job and i only did it for good friends or a lot of cash

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This is a CDMA device thus there is virtually no way of getting into the system memory if the phone is destroyed.

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Look for a bad ESN working phone on ebay and move the logic board over from your old phone. You will then have a fully working phone with little real effort, as long as your logic board is okay.

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