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A 3G smartphone also known as the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, or the Samsung I9008 Galaxy S in the Chinese market, released Spring 2010.

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Th phone goes off every 5 seconds and restarts

fixed this phone for customer but they returned it saying it fell in some water.The phone goes off every five seconds and restarts on its own.It never goes to the home screen.It charges but USB chimes every five seconds.

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Do you have a water damage treatment process?

Also you NEVER want to turn a phone on or plug it in if there has been known water damage.

Since we are passed that point I would recommend some sort of water damage treatment without that there is more than likely no hope for the phone

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Power off the device and disconnect it from any power source. Begin to disassemble it (this video might be helpful: Unplug the battery and remove the logic board. Submerge the logic board and other components that show signs of liquid contact in +90% Isopropyl alcohol for several hours. Isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, displaces the water and fights corrosion. Remove after the components have soaked for at least 3 hours, and allow components to dry out completely in front of a fan overnight, longer if necessary. After components are completely dry, reassemble the device and try to turn it on. At the very least, this will let you know what damage was done by the water and what, if anything, needs to be replaced.

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