Anyone ever work on an LG Enact VS890?

I have a customer that is requesting a screen repair on an LG Enact VS890. I've never worked on this particular phone and I can't seem to find any tutorials or tear downs either (definitely a first).

Anyone out there worked on this phone before? The replacement digitizer is readily available, but I can't seem to confirm that the digitizer is indeed replaceable on its own. This is also a phone that has a pull-out QWERTY keyboard, and I'm hesitant to try to take it apart blindly because I know how complicated QWERTY keyboard phones can be, generally speaking. The LG Optimus F3Q D520 looks to be a very similar phone, but I also can't find much info out there about that one either.

Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciate.

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Just giving this a bump as one last attempt to see if anyone has any info on this phone or knows of any resources that I haven't been able to find so far. Thanks!


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